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We service Kootenai County, including the following cities:

Coeur d'Alene, Dalton Gardens, Fernan Village, Hayden, Hayden Lake, Post Falls, Rathdrum, etc.

Need your home to be protected and maintained? OR Need a temporary place to call home?

We've got you covered!



We are uniquely positioned as a company to create a win win situation for both homeowners and caretakers. We know of no other company that offers homeowners and realtors such a comprehensive solution.




We provide exceptional service, and gaurantee your satisfaction. We are licensed, bonded, and insured against the unforseen. We are the only company in the Inland Northwest that guarantees the security and maintenance of every home we service.

(See Service Agreement for complete details.)


Q. What is included in our services for homeowners?


Homeowners with a vacant home can rest assured that vandalism is no longer likely, and that valuable landscaping will receive the care required, whether your goal is to impress potential buyers of the home, or simply have the home in great condition when you return.



Q. What is included in our services for realtors?


You've got a vacant home to sell and the last thing you want to worry about is property maintenance, and the possibility of vandalism. How many realtors have the time or resources to make sure the landscaping is watered and groomed at all times? In order to ensure the sale of the home, it is crucial to have the place looking presentable at all times, so that anyone with interest may schedule a tour of the home at the drop of a hat.

We provide live-in caretakers who maintain every aspect of the home. The yard or grounds are maintained by both caretakers and a landscaping company if needed. Home repairs can be arranged as well, and are often included in the services provided free of charge.



Q. What happens if I am selling a home that requires updates or repairs?


One of the benefits of partnering with is that we have the ability to provide full-service clean-up, beautification, and remodel services. In most cases, where no materials are required, and there is no need for rush services, our services above are provided free of charge.



Q. How can services be free of charge for Homeowners?


Our certified caretakers have agreed to provide security, cleaning, maintenance and landscaping services, in exchange for a having a wonderful place to stay. They pay a monthly fee when occupying homes in our network. From those fees, we are able to ensure that all maintenance labor costs are covered (except in cases where more extensive renovations have been pre-approved in order to sell the home quickly).


Q. What if furniture is needed in order to stage the house?


Our company warehouse contains furniture suitable for staging a home. It has been proven time and time again, that homes with a the right mix of properly placed items sell faster, and at a higher price, than homes that have been left vacant and devoid of furnishings.


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